Our current Support-Project: “Gran Chaco” in Argentina

Since 2013, goodsociety has been actively supporting Treedom‘s commitment to rebuild the forests of the Gran Chaco region in Argentina and in so doing, creating a variety of benefits for the people and the environment. Only those trees that originate naturally from that particular area are replenished. Every time a tree is planted, the specific conditions and needs of the region are taken into account and thus ensure the balance of the ecosystem. The program “El futuro està en el monte”, is a cooperation of several organizations, public institutions and businesses, which pursue the objective of strengthening the communities of the Creole and Aborigine in their development. Regional, economic and cultural initiatives are supported to ensure the preservation of the forests, which in turn improves the living conditions within the region.

This revival of regional biodiversity brings tangible benefits to the population. Local farmers, organizations and individuals are directly involved in the implementation. Every single person receives a fair income and financially benefits from the proceeds of the cultivated products. Our goal is to plant 100.000 trees and we are already helping 500 local people to create better living and environmental conditions for themselves.

Here you will soon be able to read more about our CO2 emissions and the development of the on-site project. Detailed information about our partner’s engagement can be found at Treedom and the foundation Gran Chaco.