goodsociety, the clothing brand originally founded in America in 2007,
with headquarters in Germany and an office in Italy today, combines fashion and
sustainable lifestyle: stylish design and premium organic products.

goodsociety has grown out of the idea to rethink the clothing business,
whilst caring for the world and its people. A simple but sincere statement was given:
Build the most valuable product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business
to inspire and effect solutions for a better life for all.

We dedicate our work to finding a balance between enjoying life to the full,
embracing change and being mindful of the world around us. We believe that clothing affects
the world and its cultural development, reflecting personal expression and
feelings, evoking creativity and encouraging relationships.

Our understanding of balance is reflected in our business and the minimalistic design we
stand for. We achieve this by always producing contemporary clothing, while using the
highest quality natural fabrics and materials.


we ensure that all our denim is made of
100% finest organic cotton.


We do not use pesticide-intensive or genetically-modified cotton crops. Our partners from India, Pakistan and Turkey share and guarantee our code of conduct of caring for environmental and individual health.

International organic standards require our producers to use organic agricultural methods and materials that minds soil fertility, the application of manure, crop rotation and composting as well as for providing a sustainable use of resources, the highest cotton fibre quality and upholding humane work ethics.

Our organic cotton holds the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification.


we focus on leaving as minimal an
impact on our earth as possible.


After delivery of raw materials, all manufacturing and refinement of our jeans is 100% “made in Italy”, where we work with manufacturers, dedicated to style and innovative design, using professional manufacturing skills. With all our partners being local we can keep transportation to a minimum. It also enables us to overview the whole process of product development and manufacturing and makes the relationship to our partners very personal.

Applying the latest technologies for manufacturing and refinement, we focus on leaving as minimal an impact on our earth as possible. We hardly use any chemicals and make sure that none of those used enter into the environment. Fresh water is used as little as possible, whilst being maximized by recycling processes.


we ensure that all our denim is made of
100% finest organic cotton.


We, at goodsociety, believe in taking full responsibility for our business. Therefore we make sure that all our activities are traceable and transparent. Starting with our economic structure, through our supply chain and ending with pricing. The quality checks within every part of our business and our close work-relationship to our partners allow us to offer the best products and services possible and help us to steadily improve our impact towards environmental health and social development.

Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company, where we bring together and share with others, what we believe and what we live for. Our success in these first years confirms that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue making a positive impact on the world.

We are continually working to improve the transparency of our company, our products and our working methods. Our aim is to make very clear which materials we use, where we get them from and how we manufacture our denim products. Very shorty you will be able to read all about it on our website.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our company and products, you are welcome to contact us at

Denim - CO2  neutral

goodsociety is actively involved in projects that protect and preserve our world:
We use only GOTS-certified finest quality, organic cotton, whose farming standards are the most environmentally friendly and where attention is paid to both nature and working conditions.

Wherever possible, we use recycled materials for accessories such as buttons, labels and tags. Only vegan materials, that do not contain animal products, are processed. The treatment of goodsociety’s garments is carried out largely without the use of chemicals. Otherwise, wherever possible, only GOTS-certified products are used.

It is equally important for us to compensate our CO2 "footprint". In cooperation with the internationally active environmental protection organization, Treedom, goodsociety supports reforestation projects which in turn increase CO2-absorption. This process counteracts the contamination of the air and the consequences of the greenhouse effect. This is how we would like to make our contribution towards regenerating the environment, stabilizing the ecosystem and protecting biodiversity. With help from Treedom, goodsociety analyzes the amount of resulting CO2

emissions during all of its activities in order to measure and neutralize them.
All corporate areas are considered: In addition to the existing supply chain – from raw material extraction through each step of our production to packaging and transportation – we take account of our office equipment, supplies and paper as well as our business trips, the energy we use and the entire IT department. It is our aim as a company, as is with our social commitment, to follow and imply those values that create more balance on a global level.

95% of all materials we use are manufactured in Italy. 100% of our products are made in Italy: The fabrics are woven, dyed, finished and processed by local businesses. Latest technologies reduce water consumption and the use of chemicals to a minimum. Short transport distances do not only decrease CO2 emissions, but also allow and encourage personal contact with our partners and ensure a direct insight into all stages of production. The transparency and continuous monitoring of the quality and ethical standards allows our customers to obtain comprehensive information about the manufacturing of our goods at any stage.

Our current Support-Project:
“Gran Chaco” in Argentina

Since 2013, goodsociety has been actively supporting Treedom‘s commitment to rebuild the forests of the Gran Chaco region in Argentina and in so doing, creating a variety of benefits for the people and the environment. Only those trees that originate naturally from that particular area are replenished. Every time a tree is planted, the specific conditions and needs of the region are taken into account and thus ensure the balance of the ecosystem. The program “El futuro està en el monte”, is a cooperation of several organizations, public institutions and businesses, which pursue the objective of strengthening the communities of the Creole and Aborigine in their development. Regional, economic and cultural initiatives are supported to ensure the preservation of the forests, which in turn improves the living conditions within the region.

This revival of regional biodiversity brings tangible benefits to the population. Local farmers, organizations and individuals are directly involved in the implementation. Every single person receives a fair income and financially benefits from the proceeds of the cultivated products. Our goal is to plant 100.000 trees and we are already helping 500 local people to create better living and environmental conditions for themselves.

Here you will soon be able to read more about our CO2 emissions and the development of the on-site project. Detailed information about our partner’s engagement can be found at Treedom and the foundation Gran Chaco.

Social Win

We know that we can impact the world in a positive way and believe in giving back what we have received. 25% of our profits are donated to those groups or institutions worldwide, who actively and effectively improve social conditions, support individual freedom and protect nature, both locally and globally. We call this social profit.

The way in which we perceive and interact with the world is decidedly affected by the ability we have to develop personally. Our behavior influences not only the path we take, but also all the people with whom we interact, whether we build relationships in order to share our lives with them or if they are fellow travelers we meet for part of the way. For us three things are paramount for the healthy development of society; that basic needs are met, personal self-confidence and individual contentment.

In the early days in America, we spent a great deal of time with the SA Foundation. We admired their openness, their competence and their success in supporting previously abused women and children in their personal development and providing stability to their lives. We learnt the importance of how personal well-being and health, particularly of women and children, can positively impact the world. They are primarily the ones who pass on their experiences and values to society at large.

Since these early days we have been supporting the SA Foundation in its tireless fight against human trafficking. With projects in Canada, Nepal and Hungary, the SA Foundation is running an international prevention program and recovery options to women and children that have been sexually exploited and trafficked. goodsociety’s support of the Foundation offers much more than just funding. We have spent time within the SA Foundation program, both in Canada and Nepal, meeting, learning and loving those affected.

If you would like to learn more about the SA Foundation now, you can find detailed information on their website.