goodsociety is actively involved in projects that protect and preserve our world:
We use only GOTS-certified finest quality, organic cotton, whose farming standards are the most environmentally friendly and where attention is paid to both nature and working conditions.

Wherever possible, we use recycled materials for accessories such as buttons, labels and tags. Only vegan materials, that do not contain animal products, are processed. The treatment of goodsociety’s garments is carried out largely without the use of chemicals. Otherwise, wherever possible, only GOTS-certified products are used.

It is equally important for us to compensate our CO2 "footprint". In cooperation with the internationally active environmental protection organization, Treedom, goodsociety supports reforestation projects which in turn increase CO2-absorption. This process counteracts the contamination of the air and the consequences of the greenhouse effect. This is how we would like to make our contribution towards regenerating the environment, stabilizing the ecosystem and protecting biodiversity. With help from Treedom, goodsociety analyzes the amount of resulting CO2 

emissions during all of its activities in order to measure and neutralize them.
All corporate areas are considered: In addition to the existing supply chain – from raw material extraction through each step of our production to packaging and transportation – we take account of our office equipment, supplies and paper as well as our business trips, the energy we use and the entire IT department. It is our aim as a company, as is with our social commitment, to follow and imply those values that create more balance on a global level.

95% of all materials we use are manufactured in Italy. 100% of our products are made in Italy: The fabrics are woven, dyed, finished and processed by local businesses. Latest technologies reduce water consumption and the use of chemicals to a minimum. Short transport distances do not only decrease CO2 emissions, but also allow and encourage personal contact with our partners and ensure a direct insight into all stages of production. The transparency and continuous monitoring of the quality and ethical standards allows our customers to obtain comprehensive information about the manufacturing of our goods at any stage.