Good Relations


Together we can create a Goodsociety

We, at goodsociety, believe in taking full responsibility for our business. Therefore we make sure that all our activities are traceable and transparent. Starting with our economic structure, through our supply chain and ending with pricing. The quality checks within every part of our business and our close work-relationship to our partners allow us to offer the best products and services possible and help us to steadily improve our impact towards environmental health and social development.

Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company, where we bring together and share with others, what we believe and what we live for. Our success in these first years confirms that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue making a positive impact on the world.

We are continually working to improve the transparency of our company, our products and our working methods. Our aim is to make very clear which materials we use, where we get them from and how we manufacture our denim products. Very shorty you will be able to read all about it on our website.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our company and products, you are welcome to contact us  .