Social Win

We know that we can impact the world in a positive way and believe in giving back what we have received. 25% of our profits are donated to those groups or institutions worldwide, who actively and effectively improve social conditions, support individual freedom and protect nature, both locally and globally. We call this social profit.

The way in which we perceive and interact with the world is decidedly affected by the ability we have to develop personally. Our behavior influences not only the path we take, but also all the people with whom we interact, whether we build relationships in order to share our lives with them or if they are fellow travelers we meet for part of the way. For us three things are paramount for the healthy development of society; that basic needs are met, personal self-confidence and individual contentment.

In the early days in America, we spent a great deal of time with the SA Foundation. We admired their openness, their competence and their success in supporting previously abused women and children in their personal development and providing stability to their lives. We learnt the importance of how personal well-being and health, particularly of women and children, can positively impact the world. They are primarily the ones who pass on their experiences and values to society at large.

Since these early days we have been supporting the SA Foundation in its tireless fight against human trafficking. With projects in Canada, Nepal and Hungary, the SA Foundation is running an international prevention program and recovery options to women and children that have been sexually exploited and trafficked. goodsociety’s support of the Foundation offers much more than just funding. We have spent time within the SA Foundation program, both in Canada and Nepal, meeting, learning and loving those affected.

If you would like to learn more about the SA Foundation now, you can find detailed information on their website.