Mens Slim Straight Jeans - Black Light One Wash

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black light one wash

Achtung, die Jeans fällt eine Nummer kleiner aus, da in Italien anders gemessen wird.
Bitte bestellen sie die Hose eine Nummer grösser als gewohnt falls sie noch keine goodsociety Jeans haben.

A regular fit with a regular waist and a slim straight leg. Minimalistic back pockets underline the contemporary look. 
A 10.5 oz denim, made in Italy from the finest organically grown cotton. In the lengthwise direction, the warp, woven with a black indigo yarn and in the crosswise direction, the weft, woven with a raw cotton yarn. This creates a dense surface and a maximum comfort. A minimalist look with a soft feel, thanks to one-time washing without chemicals. The finishing preserves the anthracite-white surface of the denim, while saving water, energy and additives. Slightly curved back pockets underline the understatement of this classically chic style. - Red selvage tape and white recycled goodsociety logo. Buttons and rivets are made from mainly recycled materials. 

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