Womens Slim Jeans - Black Light One Wash

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black light one wash

A snug fit with a regular waist and a slim leg. A 10.5oz denim, made in Italy from the finest organically grown cotton. In the lengthwise direction, the warp, woven with a black indigo yarn and in the crosswise direction, the weft, woven with a raw cotton yarn which is twisted with high-quality spandex. This creates a dense surface, maximum comfort and a beautiful feel. A minimalist look with a soft feel, thanks to one-time washing without chemicals. The finishing preserves the anthracite-white surface of the denim, while saving water, energy and additives. Slightly curved back pockets underline the understatement of this classically chic style. - Red selvage tape and white recycled goodsociety logo. Buttons and rivets are made from mainly recycled materials.


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